{Holiday Gift Giving}

Saturday, November 21, 2015

One thing my dad has always been great at is giving thoughtful gifts.
Recently he surprised me with a cutting board and incense burner he made from
Brave's first Christmas tree.
I love how gifts don't have to be complicated to make someone feel known and loved.
A good reminder as this holiday shopping season begins!
Happy Saturday, y'all!


Kristina said...

Dear Em, I wish you and your family a most blessed holiday season! Your motto of "keeping your gratitude above your expectations" has been ingrained in my heart for some time now and it has truly made a difference in how I approach life. It seems so simple but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to recognize. I'm very grateful for the wisdom you share on your blog and I pray that one day the Lord will let our paths cross so that I can thank you in person with a big hug and a huge piece of pie ;-) Love, Kristina

~Chris said...


Today's Letters said...

Kristina, hugs and pie. you are speaking our love languages! thank you for always being so encouraging and supportive of our family. we cherish your love and hope our paths will cross one day too :)

chris, hoping to get our 2015 gift guide up this week! #smartwoolshimmy

lyndafitz said...

These are, without a doubt, the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts I have ever seen. What a gift for you and an heirloom for Brave.
This post warned my heart. Thank you.

From Mountain Paths to Heavenly Places said...

What amazing gifts! Everything about you and your family is intentional, I love it!

I saw this trout soap on a rope, the other day as I was browsing etsy and it made me think of you all.


Kimbojamma said...

What a sweet papa you have! But you already know that.

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