{Gratitude Lately}

Friday, December 04, 2015

Lately I've been thankful for early mornings with my four legged friend.

For neighbors who leave us gifts wrapped in twine.

For my first winter bow of the season.

For the reminder to keep growing.

And for Mondays that start end end here.
Here's to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.
Happy freaking weekend, errrbody.
You made it!
What have you been thankful for lately?


Heather Counsellor said...

Happy Weekend you cotton headed ninny muggins!! I am thankful for winter and the reminder it brings that somethings seem like an ending but in reality are bringing life. I am thankful for our new black lab puppy and the exhaustion that having a 2 month old pup brings. Brave makes that bed look comfy as a quilt. ;-)

Jordan Raley said...

Lately I've been thankful for:

-A home that smells like a Douglas Fur

-A babe who is growing so fast but lets Mama cuddle when he's feeling unwell

-A family date night

-A pup who was respectful when adults needed alone time

-Warm coffee mugs that thaw my chilly fingers

Have a wonderful weekend!

Katy said...

Lately I've been thankful for a heating blanket warming the bed, my two-year-old's laughter and snuggles, the un-ending support of my main man and warm, holiday fuzzies :)

Debbie in Alaska said...

that last photo is AWESOME SAUCE! happy happy weekend to you!

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