{Evening Thoughts}

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sometimes you'll spend an hour carrying snowballs while looking for your
neighbor's cat in the alley before dinner.
#whateverworks #momlife #witchinghour


Val Fenton said...

Yeah, it's funny how kids like to carry blocks of snow around like a treasure. I have a few of those kind of kids, and they have friends that do the same thing. :)

Meg - Life of Meg said...

'#witchinghour' - hahaha! The struggle is real!

Today's Letters said...

val, so true! one man's snow is another man's treasure

meg, i no longer realized witching hour was a myth when brave started using her sand shovel as a spoon for dinner. 5pm is the one hour of the day when i pray just to make it till bath time!

Val Fenton said...

The other night at the dinner table I needed to refer to the shovel/spoon story. I was totally choosing which battles to fight with my 3 kids, so I used the story to tell my husband "hey, I know it's not what we usually approve for table manners but I'm tired :)".
Tonight, my 9 year old used the shovel from the Snoopy snow cone maker as a makeshift spoon. Hahaha!! I like this Mama life.

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