{Favorite Children's Books}

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One of the highlights of my day is reading with Brave in her Brave Cave before bed.
Recently we read one of my childhood favorites, Are You My Mother?
After asking friends on Instagram and Facebook about their favorite childhood books,
I was able to narrow down over 250 recommendations to these top 20.
Can't wait to read these with sweet B!

1. The Magic Faraway Tree  2.The Gruffalo's Child 3. Big Red Barn
4. We're Going on a Bear Hunt 5. But No Elephants 6. The Red Ripe Strawberry 7. Roxaboxen
8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar 9. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 10. Miss Rumphius 11. Extra Yarn 12. The Velveteen Rabbit 13. Goodnight Moon 14. You Are My I Love You
15. The Giving Tree 16. Dragons Love Tacos 17. The Napping House 18. Are You My Mother?
19. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 20. The Mitten


Emily B said...

In case it wasn't mentioned....with Brave's name, The Paper Bag Princess would be wonderful reading! It was my favorite. :)

Casey Adkins said...

"Louella Mae, She's run away" is huge fun. I read that book with the twangiest accent I can muster....

Louella Mae, she's run away. Look in the cornfields, look in the hay! Where, o where is Louella Mae?

Fetch the ol' hound dog, fetch all your kin! Louella Mae's run away again! She's not in the cornfields, she's not in the hay. Where, o where is Luella Mae?

Set down your washboard, your needles and yarn! And see if she's hiding out there in the.....barn!

In the woods! There's a shadow! Go look over there 'fore she gets swallered up by a big ol black...bear!

Nightfall's a-comin'! Oh mercy! I swan! It looks like Louella Mae really is gone!

The ending is a fun surprise, too. My littles ask for this one all the time. Happy reading!

Journey To Self said...

No Elephants was my favorite book as a child. I insisted it was read to me every single night when I was little.

jessica said...

Great list! Have a fair few of these but will check out the others. We also love Dogs by Emily Gravet, if you're a dog lover (which I guess you are!) you should check it out. It's been a favourite with both my girls.

Alyssa said...

I've collected children's books as I grew up, because I just love the illustrations and the language. My favorites were the Kate & Digby books. It's a sweet little series. I also love Zin Zin Zin the Violin which is all about music and the different parts of an orchestra.

Josh and Haley said...

We love old school little golden books at our house. There are so many different ones- some of my little girls favorites are Baby Farm Animals, Little Mommy and Baby Dear. She also loves Bread and Jam for Frances and the other Frances books. :) Have fun!!

Kristen Jacobs said...

My husband and I are newly married and don't have any little ones yet, but you guys are my parenting goals! It's so nice to catch up on your beautiful life from time to time through your blog, and to watch the awesome way you're raising your daughter. Major props to you and Tim :)

Reading is such a precious pastime for me and I love seeing parents sharing that with their children. The Velveteen Rabbit is my favorite!

Jessica Cashin said...

When Brave is a little older read The Rag Coat to her by Lauren Mills. It is a beautiful story with a great message. I think it is one you will enjoy.

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