{Ophelia} by The Lumineers

Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Sunday, y'all!
We were fortunate enough to spend the weekend in North Carolina with the Aunties.
Time with family can fill my heartbox like no other!
What were the highlights of your weekend?
{PS- Inspiration found at 0:35}


Heather Counsellor said...

I had not heard this song till today-love the Lumineers. Thanks for sharing this. Great start to Monday. My weekend was spent driving with the hubs and the pup from Nashvegas to SC to surprise my best friend who was having a tough time. Spent the weekend soaking up spring weather with friends and their kids and a happy pup. Sometimes loving others is therapy for yourself as much as them. Glad you guys had a great weekend with family!

heather crawford said...

you post the best music! what a fun start for my monday morning thanks! :o)

Anonymous said...

My weekend highlight was to sort photos I did take but never looked through for over 8 month. My family always asked for the photos - so I am happy I finally did it! No idea how you make the time for always not just taking but also printing lovely photos!
* Katharina

Carla Bentley said...

What a nice song, thank you for sharing it! The colors in the video remind me a little of your photos :)

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