{T-minus 30 Days}

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One month from today I'll be heading back to Africa.
Lecture prep is officially in full effect!
Thank you Quills and P&TY for the breakFEAST this morning.
Where would I be without your baked goods and rocket fuel?
In other news, Bravey Train and I are off to Dallas in the morning.
You can pray for the dear soul who gets to sit next to us on the plane.
A Tide pen and flask of bourbon may have to be our peace offering.
Let the mama / daughter adventures continue!
Happy {almost} Thursday, y'all.


Tatum Fishel said...

Flask of bourbon ;) safe travels!!

Mari said...

Love this post. What will you be lecturing on?

p laughlin said...

It would be a thrill to be that 'dear soul' sitting next to you guys! (won't THEY be the lucky one!)
Happy adventuring!

Kristina said...

I would love to be the person sitting next to the two of you ;-) Safe travels and have a wonderful time in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Where are you going in Africa?

Michelle Reid said...

You are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your life! What are you going to speak about in Africa?

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