{From Nursing to Nymphing}

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I had the privilege of writing a blog post for Orvis this week about being an outdoor mama.
Here's to creating more family experiences on the water and to raising the next generation
of kids who can identify a brown trout before they are potty trained!
You can read the article HERE.
Happy Wednesday, y'all!


Jordan Raley said...

This was such a good article and so much rings true!

I do LOVE the outdoors and my son Sam has helped remind me of the simplicity that nature offers. His current outdoor favorite (besides water, of course) is dandelions! We call them wishes and he collects them by the handful to blow and wave the seeds around.

Cheers to outdoors babes, outdoor Mama's, and for futures filled with soggy toes, dirty paws, and cheesy grins.


Ben said...

Congratulations on the Orvis article! Very well written and another reminder that life doesn't have to be "over" when you have kids!

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