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Monday, May 23, 2016

We're headed to New Zealand this December and couldn't be more excited!
Any advice on things to see and do?
Happy Monday, brave ones!


Alisa Allen said...

Went to New Zealand on our honeymoon 11 years ago. Fantastic amazing beautiful place! Auckland is just an amazing city to walk around. Highly recommend Rotorua, NZ. Visit the Agrodome to watch sheep dogs in action, visit some of the geothermal places, definitely go see the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. The city of Taupo is breathtaking. If you travel to the south Island, I recommend Fox Glacier, and Fiordland National Park and a cruise through them. Breathtaking. You'll have a blast. I know you'll be doing mostly fishing, but there are other amazing things in NZ. Dunedin has a Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Queensland is an adventure in of itself with tons of outdoor stuff and Christchurch is just historically beautiful. Whatever you do, you'll want to go back!

Georgia said...

Would love to go some day! What an awesome opportunity for you guys. I've always wanted to rent a camper van and just drive from incredible park to incredible park for a month- but that's just me. Look forward to seeing your pics :)

Jessica Brave said...

Do: take lots and lots and lots and lots of photos/video.
And have lots and lots and lots and lots of fun.

Anita said...

I'm a reader from New Zealand! Can't give any advice on fishing, but the Department of Conservation website should have information on that. There are loads of great walks/hikes everywhere. Although it's a small country, you need to allow for long driving times - we've got lots of windy, narrow roads :) feel free to ask me questions if there is anything I can help with!

Jodi said...

I'm from NZ (now live in the states) and I'm so excited for you! When I took my husband to visit after we were married his favorite part of our whole trip was the fishing! Beautiful rivers and lakes there, you are going to love it. I second the recommendation to visit the Agradome and Gloworm caves (Rotorua), check out Huka falls in Taupo (where I lived as a kid), and just see as much as you can! It's a breathtakingly beautiful country. Get fish and chips and meat pies as much as you can! Eat hokey pokey icecream... oh I'm wishing myself back there now ;)

Clare Hubbard said...

Wow, Emily! I am super excited for you guys! I am a longterm reader of your blog and a kiwi! There is a lot to see and do and especially if you want to explore the outdoors... Rivers, fiords, beaches and mountains, hiking and adventure sports. I know South Island will be ideal for your passions in the outdoors, I live in the very far north of North Island where there are beaches galore and lots of windy roads ;) All the best for your adventure in God's Own.

Adele said...

I'm also a NZ reader. I would recommend renting a campervan or car and taking your time to drive around. I agree about allowing lots of time to drive too: time to take detours and pictures. Basically I think NZ gets better and better the further you are from the cities! My favourite city is Wellington for good coffee and the general vibe (unless the weather is terrible), and beyond that favourite places are, in no particular order: wharariki beach, arthur's pass and castle hill, walking up the hooker valley at Mt Cook (especially going past where the tourist walk ends), the West coast of the South Island (punakaiki, karamea, the glaciers), the beaches at the coromandel - eg. Opoutere and on the east cape eg. Tolaga bay and Anaura bay, the Hokianga harbour, castlepoint, Marlborough sounds. Those are all over the country!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, badass family trip! I can't wait to read all about it this winter!! Safe and fun travels to you 3! <3

Today's Letters said...

Alisa, Georgia, Jessica, Anita, Jodi, Clare, & Adele, who knew we had so many Kiwi readers?? You girls are AMAZING for taking the time to write us so many wonderful suggestions. We couldn't be more grateful! Here's our itinerary in case you have any more thoughts for us ...

Christchurch / Canterbury (2 days)
Awatere (3 days)
Twizel (3 days)
Arthur's Pass (4 days)

Laura Lynn said...

Hike Fox Glacier and go see the baby seals in Kaikoura. I also think spending a night in the hostel in Punakaiki is a great decision just to watch the stars and sunset on the ocean! we traveled around in a Jucy campervan and stayed in holiday parks all over the south island! AMAZING!!

Danielle Oaks said...

My husband and I just returned to the states after a year of travel and two months road-tripping through NZ was our final stop! We blogged about our itinerary in case you're interested in checking it out. Enjoy your grand adventure! Very excited for you guys to explore that amazing place! http://www.oaksandcompass.com/2016/05/two-month-new-zealand-road-trip-itinerary/

Louisa-Jane said...

Kia Ora!!
Another kiwi reader here and also a travel agent. :)
My advice for your itin:
Christchurch / Canterbury (2 days) drive out to Akaroa, a pretty little french settlement out on coast. Really not sure what else in chch as I haven't seen it post earthquakes but its a lovely place
Awatere (3 days)...not sure but I've heard the Tussock Track is very pretty and Marlborough is known for its wines so if you drink wine a few winery stops is a must
Twizel (3 days) definitely Lake Tekapo, Church of the Good Shepherd and the lake poses for a beautiful photo backdrop...neat horse riding around Mt John and the observatory at the top there too...and some hiking around Mt Cook which is close by.
Arthur's Pass (4 days) if you can, get the train from christchurch through to Greymouth, called Tranz Alpine. Such a beautiful journey to take. Then you can go south to the Glaciers and North to Punakaiki etc.

You'll have to make another visit another time as you'll see how beautiful our country is and just how much there is to see!!
Enjoy lots of beautiful coffee and food...take lots of photos and enjoy the wonderful great outdoors.
Don't expect perfect weather in Dec...it will be warming up but we still have some rainy days at times but hopefully I am proven wrong.
Have a blast!! So excited to see your posts in a few months time.
Ka kite!!

Morgan Sloan said...

I am so excited you guys are going to NZ! My family just went 2 months ago and we are already planning a trip back! I looked at the itinerary you posted so hopefully a few of these suggestions help!

C1 for coffee or for a meal- seriously the coolest coffee shop I've ever been too. We only grabbed coffee and it was so good. I would eat next time I go. They serve your food in tubes like at the bank! What?!?! It was awesome.

Downtown- we went downtown and saw the destruction of the earthquake. It was crazy to see but was also really interesting. Go see the Cathedral. It is worth it.

ReStart Mall- so many fun shops and places to eat.
Hummingbird Coffee- this is at the ReStart mall. Great Coffee and really good cake and cookies!

Punting on the River- we wanted to do this, but it was raining and we didn't get to. It looks so fun though. It goes through the Botanical Gardens that are so nice!

On the Drive between Christchurch and Twizel there is a shop on the side of the road called The Tin Shed! You need to stop there! They have all kinds of touristy things you can buy, which is fine, but what makes it great is that they have animals you can pet. The ladies who work there are the sweetest. One even cut up some apples so I could feed them to the sheep. We got to hang out with the Sheep and llamas and then walked around and saw Pigs and chickens and rabbits and all kinds of birds. It was so fun and one of my favorite parts of the trip. The hospitality at the shop is incredible! Worth spending some time there.

Twizel- I'm assuming you are spending most of your time at Mt. Cook and staying in Twizel. Mount Cook is incredible and the park is great! We spent some time hiking and driving around. See as much of it as you can!

We stayed in Twizel one night after spending the day at Mt. Cook

Shawty's Cafe- we had dinner here the night we stayed and it was delicious! Lot's of options.

There is also a Thai place that looked pretty decent. There are some bakery/coffee shops that are open in the mornings that we didn't get to eat at but that looked really good. Since you are there, you'll probably have time to go!
There isn't much in Twizel and the whole town shuts down really early. We enjoyed our dinner and then walked around the town. It was really nice and it was good to have some time to relax on such a busy trip.

I'm sure you guys are mostly fishing, but hopefully those are a few things you might enjoy. Can't wait to read about your trip. You are going to love it. It's by far the most beautiful place I have ever been!

I am slowly documenting the trip my family took on a blog. It's sweetaslife.tumblr.com It's very much a journal and not super exciting, but could be helpful.

Hope this wasn't too much! Sorry for the long post.

Monica said...

I was there last summer and one of my best days was spent on Waiheke Island; specifically Mudbrick Vineyard. It was beautiful and relaxing. I also recommend Lake Taupo and the GloWorm caves. I didn't make it to the South Island but I will be back one day!

Ashley said...

hey there em! no way!!! so so happy for you all! is bravey going too? harald was there for six weeks two years ago, I will ask him if he has any tips! miss your sweet face! xo

Today's Letters said...

Laura, your Nzed adventure sounded amazing! I love that you traveled the country in a campervan.

Danielle, looking forward to reading your post :)

Louisa, your comment was super helpful! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Morgan, are you for real?? THANK YOU for sending us such great suggestions! We'll be visiting lots of the places you mentioned thanks to your post! Appreciate you so much.

Monica, thank you so much for your suggestions! Tim really wants to visit the GloWorm caves.

Ash, she is! we're going with ben, molly & row too! would love any suggestions from herald. miss you so much sweet friend.

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