{Watauga River} TN

Monday, June 13, 2016

A few weeks ago, Tim and I had another epic day on the water with our friend Patrick.
Not only did we lose track of how many fish we caught, we feasted on homemade chicken salad,
laughed a ton, and landed a couple of bowns on dries the last few casts of the day.
Patrick, you continue to humble us with your thoughtfulness, hospitality, and knowledge of fly fishing.
You are one of our most favorite people on the planet!!!

To book a trip with
Patrick Fulkrod email him at: patrick@southholstonrivercompany.com
{Past fly fishing trips with Patrick can be viewed HERE, HERE, and HERE}


Caitlin said...

Great looking fish there! Love the fourth photo down. Looks like the fish are saying to each other, "Man, you feel for the line trick again too?!" Haha.

Today's Letters said...

caitlin, ha! so true :)

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