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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I remember taking Brave to Bryant's when she was just 2 months old.
She slept mostly in the Beco while I ate my post-baby weight in fresh blueberries.
It was a win-win for me in my new book of motherhood.
Last weekend Twinner and I took Brave back to Bryant's this time as a 2 year old.
Talk about an adventure that was both comical and magical!
Bravey definitely lived up to my Papa's motto of, 'Two for the mouth, one for the bucket."
Here's to a future jam-packed with blueberry cobbler, smoked blueberry pie, and blueberry preserves.
{always saving a jar to be opened on the day of winter's first snow!}
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Heather Counsellor said...

That face at 27-28 seconds. Best. Ever.
I make the same face when I eat blackberries and watermelon.
Here's to enjoying every second of life Brave.

Now we need the recipe for smoked blueberry pie - so about that...
haha :)

jessie said...

What music is used here? I LOVE it. My fondest memories with my mama are picking wild plums, blueberries, and blackberries on the side of the road when I was a babe. Glad to see there's a new generation of "two in the mouth, one in the bucket" berry pickers out there.

Anonymous said...

This video is THE. BEST.

Meg - Life of Meg said...

I absolutely love that video - it made me laugh (thanks for that!). I adapted Brave's philosophy on blueberry picking when we went out to a little berry patch south of Kansas City. It's definitely a tradition in our family too! I love your idea of saving a jar of blueberry preserves until the first snow - the perfect cozy morning treat!

Anonymous said...

My morning started off a little rough but after watching this sweet thing loving her blueberries, I couldn't help but smile and feel at peace. It's the little things. <3

Today's Letters said...

heather, i think so too! she looks a lot like her papa when she eats. ps- we thought we'd try to smoke a blueberry pie in tim's green egg! people use theirs to bake things, we've just never tried it before. hopefully it'll turn out! if not, there's always blueberry preserves ;)

jessie, i don't know the name b/c it was from a video editing app i use called splice. it was some kind of finger picking music! love it. btw, i love your pickin' memories with your mama! i have similar memories with my dad.

meg, it's always funny how we tend to miss summer in the middle of winter. jam and toast are perfect for snow!

sam, i'm sorry to hear you had a rough morning ... ours was a little fast, operating at higher RPM's than i'd like, but some mornings are just like that. praying peace over the rest of your day!

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