{Pig Butts Cannot Lie}

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Watching Tim and my dad participate in the Kentuckiana Green Egg BBQ Fest Saturday
brought back so many great childhood memories!
Our last family BBQ competition was in 1994 {shown in the first photo above}.
After 22 years my Papa, Michael "the Pirrrrate" Richmond came out strong and
delivered a mean pork tenderloin and marinated tri-tip.
Tim and Twinner's pig shots were big crowd pleasers as well!
Thanks to my family and river Jesus we had good vibes and smoke rings all day long.

What's your favorite BBQ to eat? Smoked chicken? Pulled pork? Chopped beef?  
My last meal would still be a Zman with fries and a cold Boulevard Single-Wide from Joe's in KC.
It's simply the best BBQ I've ever had!


Stacy said...

Z-man is top of the list for sure. Next time you are in KC, make sure you check out Q39. And make sure you call ahead and make a reservation. My final meal includes chocolate mousse cake from Cupini's, sauerkraut soup from the Bavarian Inn place in Eureka Springs, a blackened, jalapeno burger from Tiger Town Tavern in Clemson/Z-man from Joe's, and cheesy corn bake from Jack Stack. And probably a lot more things as I continue to think about food all day long.

Blair Cobbett said...

Twinners in twinner shorts!!
Oh, and my fave is the 2 meat meal at Joe's with smoked chicken and house sausages. Mmmm. Mm...mmmmmmmm.

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