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Monday, August 15, 2016

Dear Monsieur Loerke, lately you've been trying to learn French. My favorite phrases so far include: Tu me plais {I have a crush on you}, Voulez-vous danser avec moi? {Do you wanna dance with me?}, and Tu es mannequin? {Are you a model?} Dear Tomato Cheddar Pie, making you was a family effort that took 2 hours. Devouring you was a family effort that took 15 minutes-- the best kind of tribal meal. Dear Mom's of Toddlers, recently a friend equated role playing with her three year old as to dying a slow death. I think of this every time Brave asks me to be a baby so she can put diaper ointment on my rash. Dear Baby Daddy, yesterday while driving home from the grocery store your offspring kept shoving grapes up her shorts saying she was "starting a fruit collection." Pretty sure she gets her food hoarding skills from this one guy I know. Love you more than a squirrel loves acorns!

Walk. No RUN to the store and buy all the ingredients to make this amazing tomato cheddar pie.
It seriously will set you FREEEEEEE!
Happy Monday, brave ones!


Heather Counsellor said...

Not gonna' lie. I have been waiting for you to share this recipe. Looks so good I started drooling when you first shared a photo on IG. The drooling must stop and get that pie into my belly. Thank you! Here's to fruit up your pants and diaper rashes. :)

Thanks Emily.

amanda said...

So grateful for your blog. It brims with light and gratitude. Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

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