{Woodshed Project} Bring On Old Man Winter

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Last fall we installed a wood burning stove and used it almost daily through the winter and early spring.
It ended up saving us over $350 in utilities over the course of 4 months!
One thing we didn't prepare well for, however, was having all of our firewood pre-cut to fit our firebox.
As a result Tim ended up spending many mornings and nights chopping wood in the snow.
This year we were determined to be better prepared!
After three weeks of building, painting, cutting, and stacking lumber with friends we finally
have a wood shed that's ready for Old Man Winter.
Can't wait for our first fire of the season! #smoresme
Happy Septmember, y'all.


Heather Counsellor said...

You guys make me want to live a better life. Impressive. I love the idea of a wood burning stove. I understand it heats main living areas. But that is about all I know. How are bedrooms heated? Educate me. :-) ha! You two have the coolest back yard. Ever think of going into the business of designing "Loerke back yard wonderlands" for those of us less creative minds? Well done you two! Now take a nap or three.

Anonymous said...

The separate spot for kindling is almost too much to handle. You killed it, Tim. Nice work.

Marie said...

Really beautiful stove!! Just caught up on the blog, and can't believe how big Brave is!! What a wonderful soul.

Also wanted to share these sandals that I just backed on kickstarter that I thought you guys might love: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/makulife/maku-the-all-day-every-day-sandals/rewards

Not a sales pitch!! Just seemed like a product you might be interested in! :)

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