{Friends Turned Family}

Monday, October 31, 2016

For the past year we've been meeting every week together as families.
Tim and I will be the first to admit we don't have this marriage or parenting thing figured out,
but knowing these friends are in our corner has made all the difference in the world!
Recently we spent an afternoon at Camp HiHo together.
We rode horses bareback, caught bass on streamers, and enjoyed each other's company by the bonfire.
It was one of my favorite days we've had as a family this fall!
#sixfamilies #ninekids #twoontheway #keepsgettingbetter
So here's to the last day of my favorite month ...


Marisa Noelle said...


I love the idea of getting together with other families! Would love to hear more about it... Did it happen organically? I assume you met through church? What to do you all do together? I have a group of friends, 3 couples and we call ourselves the 'easy friends' because hosting is always casual and easy... the point is to just spend time together and it doesn't have to be fancy.

1) I have a twin too (!)
2) I love writing letters - we could be real life pen pals. I'm good at it- I've been practicing for years!
3) I have dark hair and freckles - my fiance has said 'who's that guy you're kissing?' when he saw me on your website
4) I've loved your blog - your vulnerability is authentic and inspiring.

xo, Marisa

Today's Letters said...

Marisa, i love that you have easy chair friends! that's what i call my closest girls :) We all met organically through church - really grateful that happened soon after we moved to Louisville. Community is so important!
Also love that you have a twinner :) I used to spend all of my allowance money on stamps and stationary growing up. I've always loved snail mail! Thanks for your kind and sweet words. We try and keep it real. Still learning how to do this at times tho ;) Happy Thursday! xoxo, em

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