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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A great reminder that the best toy a toddler can have is a parent who
gets down on the floor and plays with them.
Thankful this is one of Tim Loerke's greatest strengths!
What's one way you love to play with the kiddos in your life?


Jordan Raley said...

At our house we play choo-choo's on the floor, have tickle wars, practice jumping, and will play pretend.

The imagination of a child is such a wonder!

Rachel Simmons said...

Agreed! I have a 14mo old & I love getting on the floor with her & exploring her world. I just read an article about floor play nipping the bud on tantrums. They say about 20-30min of floor play helps the children get out their need to be in control, which is why they tantrum.

Val Fenton said...

I like to play the gentler games/activities. Ie trips to parks, bike rides, painting... I leave the wild stuff to the Dad. He's much better at it, lol, and the kids know it. :)

Heather Counsellor said...

We weren't blessed with kiddos but we love them - plus Hubs and I are just big kids ourselves. So we offer babysitting services to friends so they can go on dates and be couples again and we spoil the kids for a few hours. We love to take them on hikes, play leggos, xbox or whatever the kids enjoy. We also like to surprise the parents by doing their dishes or folding some laundry while there. It's our way of investing in the marriages of our friends as well as loving on kids. Plus, at the end of the night we get to give the kids back and sleep late the next day! Winner!

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