{Northern Rim} Grand Canyon

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

There are some things you'll never forget like seeing the ocean for the first time,
riding a bike without training wheels, or getting your first speeding ticket.
The Grand Canyon was just as unforgettable.
Thankful for places that remind me of the tiny place I occupy in this world.
Happy Wednesday, errrrbody.


Anonymous said...

As always - BEAUTIFUL photos! When I saw your pics it reminded me of this post:
Have you read it before?
PS. Me feet would freeze ;-)

Heather Counsellor said...

Such amazing photos! Love the friendship you two share and the adventures you go on! Thanks for sharing with us.

Abby said...

I love that yellow rain/wind jacket there! But I don't see your signature Patagonia label on it... what brand is it, if I may?

Today's Letters said...

k, always love your sweet comments! haven't read that post before but excited to do so! thanks for sharing it with me :)

heather, it's been a gift for sure!

abs, it's actually made by orvis! i still have my patagonia but am totally digging this new jacket too :)

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