{Holiday Gift Guide 2016)

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Our annual Gift Guide is back!
Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra ...
1.  Driftaway Coffee Subscription: For the narcoleptic student in your life.
Available online for $12-$16 weekly

2. Grandparent's Journal: A place for sages to pass down their wisdom and advice.
Available online for $30

3. National Parks Map: For those who prefer sleeping outside.
Available online for $55

4. Hard Boiled Egg Ninja: For those dedicated to kicking bad eating habits to the curb.
Available online for $13

5. Gilmore Girls Coffee Mug: For your sister who secretly wishes she lived in Stars Hollow.
Available online for $15.30

6. Self Watering Garden Jar: For your wannabe green thumb neighbor.
Available online for $22

7. Whale Balancing Mug: For those who prefer making a splash as they dive into their morning coffee.
Available online for $17.99

8. Monthly Spice Subscription: For those needing to broaden their spice rack horizon.
Subscription available for $26 quarterly

9. Math Equation Magnets: For your math teacher who has a beautiful mind.
Available online for $5.99

10.Ticket Stub Diary: For your sentimental sports fanatic brother.
Available online for $12
Happy Thursday, you cotton headed ninny muggins.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!! Great gift ideas!

Anonymous said...

Love the gilmore gils cup, the grandparents book and the park guides :-)

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