{Today's Letters}

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dear Timothy James, you like to show Brave the sunset just because you know she loves the color pink. You also buy fist fulls of Bubblicious on your way home from work so you can greet her with a pink bubble the size of her head. You are the most thoughtful Papa. Dear Stovezilla, you're a heat monster, and we love you. Thank you for cutting our energy bill in half, for keeping the Harvest House cozy, and for forcing us to slow down as a family each winter. You are the little stove that could. Dear Bravey Train, every time River goes to the bathroom you stand at the backdoor and yell, "Yay River! Come inside and get a sticker!" I like to think this is progress in the potty training department. Dear Mr. Loerke, tomorrow we leave at 4am for New Zealand. Wanna spend Christmas together on a sheep farm? (circle YES or NO).

Happy Friday, brave ones! We hope you get a chance this weekend to do things that give you life with the people you love. Slow your hustle and know we're ending you lots of love from Lou!


Hannah J said...

You guys are off to NZ and my friend and her parents are on their way to Heathrow here to catch a plane to NZ maybe I need to start saving my pennies to get to NZ one year (maybe not for Christmas though). Counting down the days to our Italian Adventure in a few weeks though!

Kristina said...

Letters are still and will probably always be my favorite posts by you ;-) Wishing you save travels and THE best time celebrating Christmas in New Zealand!

p laughlin said...

Double-ditto Kristina!
Em's "gifts with the pen" are Stupendous!!
I would make an addendum though 😀
Letters AND Bravey pictures!!
Thank you Em!!
Wishing you fantastic New Zealand memories!!

Werner Family said...

Welcome to NZ! Have a fun time. We are in Nelson region and it's starting to get hot. Cover up and put suncream on so you don't get fried, that happened to us last year flying from winter to summer. You'd think we'd know but it just was hot. Happy traveling!

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