{Lost & Found}

Friday, February 03, 2017

There are two things Bravey loves most in this world, whole milk and Bubby.
Bubby was Tim's when he was a baby and Brave has been attached to it ever since she was born.
Oh how sweet reunions can be when your favorite things boomerang home!
Happy Friday, brave ones.


Laura said...

This is completely adorable. Good job finding Bubby, Mama. You're a rock star.

Jordan said...


Val F said...

I love her talk!! So precious.
Also, when Tim smiles at you. Ah! The look only parents know. Me and my Hus give each other the same look when our kids make us happy just being themselves.

p laughlin said...

Sweet and precious-----to have lost and then to have back!! Bravey's look of intenseness as Tim was talking with her, and THEN! to see the moment she realizes.....and her eyes Jump! and Sparkle! along with her little legs jumping up and down! The joy there is in that split second of realization!

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