{Today's Letters} Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dear Timothy James, to the man who smokes his own brisket and can survive getting lost in the woods while backpacking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, nothing gives your man card more chest hair than watching you bake cupcakes with Bravey and take her to her first dance. We truly are the luckiest girls alive. Dear Land of Nod, with this puzzle Brave and I both win. She learns her states and I finally remember the capital of Delaware. #whatisdover Dear Brave, you like to be woken up with tickles and hide your milk in the same place every night before bed. Your goofy spirit brings us so much joy! (The real kind, not the fake stuff). Dear Timo, this morning I woke up ready for Spring. Everything is blooming and feels alive, kind of like walking through a dryer sheet. You with me?

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Be our Valentine's?  (circle yes or no)


Timothy Loerke said...

Yes is circled!!!! I love the joy that grows in the rich soil of our family! Thank you for celebrating our love today!

Hannah J said...

Yes totally!! Happy Valentines Beautiful Lovelies!!

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