{Dear Bravey Train}

Friday, March 03, 2017

Dear Brave, I love fly fishing, dirty garden paws, and wearing my favorite thrifted flannel from college. You love all things pink, wearing tutus, and want to be every Disney princess ever created. Most days I ask myself how did I give birth to this tiny human?? Then there are times when I find a teacup on my nightstand filled with two tiny plum blossoms from our neighbors tree and I know it can only mean one thing-- you were here. I appreciate how different we are but how much we genuinely love each other. Bravey, your sweet bedside gift made my day and will probably be returned with a skipping rock,
but I promise to at least put a pink sticker on it.


Unknown said...

It's those special times of sweetness from our little darlings that just melt our hearts.
She has a keen eye for nature though, Em, to pick those beautiful miniature blossoms!
And just for her sweet mother who taught her to love nature!
I remember as a young girl loving my dolls and pretty things but after I got my very own black & white English Sheffield 3-speed bike--look out world! My whole perspective changed. I was out to explore the world with my little brown sack and glass jar to put my collected treasures in--which mostly consisted of rocks, moss and tadpoles!
When Brave gets a little older, she too, may want to change her course!!
She is a sweetheart!

Val Fenton said...

Don't I know it.
I had to go into my daughter's bathroom to find my curling iron and concealer for my yearly dress-up day :)
I love how she dolls up for fun.

Katherine A. said...

One of my favorite memories of my daughter is when she was probably 5, and I was outside on the phone. She ran over to me in full princess gear, heels and all, super excited about the worm she was holding! I screamed.

You may not know how pretty you make fly-fishing look. :)

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