{A Sweet Family Reunion}

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Last weekend my dad & aunt came to visit the Harvest House!
It was wonderful to spend time with them as it had been almost 15 years since we were all together.

Highlights included:
Harvesting over 50 pounds of honey with my Papa
Watching my Aunt Bertie selflessly pull weeds in my garden
Buying meat from the Groce Family Farm at the Farmer's Market
Seeing Tim & Bertie hold chickens on the front porch
Laughing at dinner as my dad and aunt told stories of their childhood
Finding Gummy Bears in the fridge for Brave #papawashere
Going to bed each night knowing my dad and Tim were on the front porch together
Watching Brave color at her great aunt Rhoda's desk
Having a working toilet again {Thank you Papa Vila!}
Receiving my first Muskie fly and the first four volumes of the Foxfire Book Series from Bertie 
Walking to get Popsicles at Steel City Pops
Folding my dad's laundry

Do you have any family reunions you're looking forward to this year?
Happy Thursday, brave ones.


Hannah J said...

It's a sort of reunion - my boys and my Mother in Law are off on an adventure and I will be without them for just over two weeks! Eek!

dede said...

My Mom died last August and this year, my brother, his 7 daughters and their kids, my sister and her daughter and her 2 kids and myself are all going to the beach for a week - to spend some much needed time together....
We - of course - are wishing we had done this with our mom, but are planning on making this "our" annual reunion now...
Making new memories for her!!!
I love your Harvest House memory maker!!!

Casey said...

Hearing your stories about your Dad warms my heart! You are so blessed to have these times with him!

jess said...

that pic of your papa & bravey looking at each other - i die! such a sweet thing to have family visit.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

What a terrific name Bertie is!!!

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