{Morning Thoughts}

Friday, June 02, 2017

I'll never forget the first time Brave asked me to paint her toes.
I had never bought nail polish before and a trip to Target left me standing in the cosmetic isle wide-eyed praying another mom would either take pity on my soul or buy me a beer.
Later that day we sat on the kitchen floor and Bravey enthusiastically yelled,
"Look Mama! You painted my feets!" 
It was then I knew shae cared more about the colors than she did about me staying in the lines.
This girl has been so good for me.
Happy Friday, y'all!


Jade Rogers said...

When they're little their nails don't hold to polish well, and it usually peels off in the bathtub. So, just buy whatever is cheap in the color she likes. The momma-daughter bonding is the important part. ;)

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