{Gratitude Lately} Birthday Edition

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Last month I found myself feeling grateful for gifts that made me feel known.

For a friend who took me to breakfast and shared all of my favorite foods.

For a surprise trip to the the river with Molls.

And for an amazing dinner at Portage House with Tim.
So far, 37 has been my favorite year yet!
Not because it hasn't had moments of hardness, but because I'm taking care of myself more.
I've been attending Orange Theory twice a week since February and I love it!
I've also been in a monthly book club that has held me accountable to reading
and becoming more self-aware.
Tim and I have been learning a lot about having a threenager and what it looks like to stretch our imaginations and see things from her perspective.
Overall, my 30's have been some of the best years and I'm feeling grateful to be alive. 
Happy Thursday, y'all.


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