{Tiny Treasures}

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Brave is a gift giver.
Normally she hands me something she's found outside after I pick her up from school.
Lately, her treasures have helped me see what she finds valuable.
Oh, how the mind and heart can shift with age ...
Thank you, Bravey Train, for always drawing me back to the simple.
Happy Wednesday, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this. Such sweet gifts from your girl.

Jewls said...

Does she collect these gems in her pocket throughout the day? I found this poem a few years ago when my son was four, and it still gets to me. One of my favorites:


At four he is an earnest collector. He keeps his secrets in his pockets and leaves them for me in the laundry basket. As I unroll the cuffs of his too-long-yet pants, sand dribbles out, a clump of mud caking the cloth. Even if all is quiet, I remain cautious. Experience has taught me to turn the pant legs out to see if anything moves. Has he captured some critter and forgotten it there? Using my thumbs, I push the fabric inside out. I’m careful to do this over a container.

What he values changes from day to day, season to season. Last fall he couldn’t hold enough seedpods to satisfy; by summer the only things that mattered in the world were seashells. The choice is instantaneous. No time to explain what it is that makes him race across the ravine and splash his way into the mud yelling “Wait, wait, Mommy! There’s something I need.” Need? Oh, yes. It is as necessary as air to have that pinecone, that white stone, that bottle cap, that broken piece of glass, that worm, that feather, that piece of something that glittered when the sunlight fell across the trail. As necessary as his name. As if pieces of him were scattered across the world and he was bent on gathering them back again into himself, into his pockets.

Today's Letters said...

Jewls, I love that poem! Thank you for sharing it ... such a beautiful way to describe what our kiddos value and "need." Ps- these have all been things Brave has given to me ... she's a dress girl and doesn't have pockets typically to put things in. hoping she can grow to love a good pair of big smith overalls like her mama! ;)

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