{Meyer Christmas Tree Farm}

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Saturday was the perfect finale to a 5 year run of cutting down our tree at Meyer Christmas Tree Farm.
Sadly, Michael and Laura are retiring after this season! {Insert lots of moans and groans here}
This year Brave was old enough to pick out our tree on her own,
and after going up and down each row of tress 193 times she finally found one she couldn't leave behind.
In the words of Clark Griswold, "She's great. A little full. Lotta sap."
When do you get your Christmas Tree?
It's been a tradition of ours to do it Thanksgiving weekend which we love!

{Meyer Tree Farm 2013 : Christmas Tree Farm 2014 : Christmas Tree Farm 2015}


Hannah J said...

We have a fake tree. We tried a real tree the first two years we were married and both years I had to get the hoover out every day to get up all the needles and even the I was still finding needles in the carpet :(

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