{Today's Letters}

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dear Timothy James, this book has reminded me importance of breaking up my routine with adventure-- something I see you excel at daily. Thank you for challenging me to grow in this area simply by being you. Dear Emotions, it's been said that you last an average of 90 seconds. I try and remember this whenever I'm overwhelmed learning about adenosine triphosphate for Microbiology or can't find any chocolate in the house. #isiteasteryet? #cadburyeggme Dear Mom Life, yesterday you included eating Brave's leftover pizza crust for dinner while driving home from a birthday party. Today you witnessed an almost 4 year old finally tall enough to reach her pedals and ride her bike faster than Elliot and ET. You're the best life. Dear Timosabi (who always gets two letters), you are the only person I know who can turn a 10 foot rug tube into hours of fun. I love this about you!

Happy Monday, y'all!


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