{Baby Steps}

Sunday, March 04, 2018

I'm continuing to learn the importance of holding space for joy while taking
baby steps towards doing the hard things.
It isn't easy to be stretched and uncomfortable but being back in school has been such a gift!
Also, can we talk about keeping house plants alive?
If you ever need one killed, I'm your girl.
Happy Sunday, y'all!


Danielle Brower said...

Talk to me about this rug, where did you find this guy at? I love it.

Today's Letters said...

hey danielle! we got it 3-4 years ago on ebay. search for kilim rugs

Danielle Brower said...

Thank you!!

JADE said...

Plant tips! - That snake plant needs a bigger pot. It will grow as big as the pot you put it in. - or you can separate the stalks (keeping root bunches together) and keep one in that pot. AND most indoor plants only need to be watered MAX once a month and don't water them throughout the winter months. Most people over water plants. "They" also make pots that store water in the bottom, (or you could do the rock method) if you tend to forget watering all together.

Today's Letters said...

Jade! Where have you been all my life? Thank you for your wisdom on all things plants! It was fantastic device

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