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Friday, March 16, 2018

Dear Timothy James, you teach our daughter how to do lots of things ... set raccoon traps, build homemade zip lines, but the latest game played with your high school football laundry bag made me laugh. Here's to Bravdini being the next sensational escape artist. Dear Fly Box, I never would have anticipated using you to organize doll accessories but thanks for rescuing all things that had gone to live under our couch. Dear Bravey O'Loerke, your efforts to catch a leprechaun with rainbow stickers and Lucky Charms have been admirable. The joy you bring our family is better than a pot of gold! Dear Rib (who always gets two letters), next month we celebrate 13 years of marriage. I think this calls for a baker's dozen of Northlime donuts chased with a shot of Pappy's 13 Year Reserve. You dig?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve lads!
Enjoy some Shepherd's Pie and Guinness this weekend.


Abby Ross-Kennedy said...

I always love seeing the sweet traditions/memories you guys make. Love the leprechaun trap.

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