{Happy 4th Bravey Train!}

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

And just like that she's 4. Brave was the daughter I was most afraid to have but who has taught me more about selfless love, true courage, and the color pink than I ever could have imagined.
I knew from the moment we took our first walk that I was committed to being a safe place for her to land.
That I would carry her gently as the Lord has carried me.
She is curious, adventurous, and a lover of nature's tiny treasures.
She is determined a thoughtful giver of gifts, and a strong finisher.
She is Brave.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Michele said...

Soooo sweet - happy happy birthday darling Brave, and happy 4th anniversary of being a momma! I'm pregnant with my first (a boy!) and have been re-visiting your archives to relive your pregnancy experience!

Kelsi said...

Such a sweet and good reminder for me today, being a safe place to land for my three year old. Thank you!

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