{Happy Father's Day!}

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Many of you know Tim and I waited nine years into our marriage before we had Brave. Some of this delay was due to getting Tim through PA school, investing time into our friendship, doing self work, and facing the long-standing fears we had about expanding our family. In spite of our reasons, God used it all and gifted us with a sweet little girl. Watching Tim become a Papa has been a hilariously sweet adventure from the start ... from the moment during Brave's birth when he pulled her out and announced she was a boy, to the time he melted her Barbie with a hair dryer trying to dry it off after a bath. I've watched him play hard with our daughter, reminding her that girls who like dresses can still be strong and confident in their bodies. He's taught her about theater, jazz music, and dancing-- three things that are way outside my scope of expertise. He's given her a love for backyard chickens, living room obstacle courses, and chocolate dipped Popsicles. These two set raccoon traps together, share a mutual love for fireworks, and act out a Bible story each night before bed. Their bond has been built slowly over years of faithfully invested time and and lots of grace extended between them. Tim would tell you becoming a Papa has grown him most in lengthening his patience. I'd add to that a genuine gentleness and sacrificial love. All that to say, I'm incredibly proud of the ways this man continues to go the extra mile as a Papa. It has by far been one of the most beautiful things to watch.

Happy Papa's Day, my sweet Tim.
You are so very appreciated!


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