{True Stories of Becoming A Nurse} Book Review

Saturday, January 05, 2019

This book drenched my cheeks in tears and made my belly sore from laughter.
A must read for every nursing or medical professional!
I wrote down my takeaways from each chapter below ...
Hoping they challenge and encourage you!

1.  Hitting the Bone: A nurses first injection is a rite of passage.
2. The Haunting: Not all injuries are visible.
3. Becoming A Nurse: Your patient's family members are also your patients.
4. Next of Kin: In nursing crossing professional boundaries is inevitable.
5. Healing Wang Jie's Bottom: The hospitalization of a child is one of the most stressful events a family can encounter.
6. Zeitgeber: Hospital walls are covered in tears and often tell a story that is unseen.
7. A Long Night's Journey Into Day: It is not impossible to experience a friendly intimacy with death.
8. Don't Ever Forget Me: Let everyone die with dignity. 
9. Heart Lessons: In time, joy always follows grief.
10. Docking in Togo: Self-pity always lives at the edge of uncomfortable situations.
11. I See You: Where there is no peace there is no health.
12. Listening: The simple act of listening is a lifesaving measure-- delight in your patients' stories.
13. Careening Toward Reunion: Every nurse use psych skills no matter their specialty.
14. Nurse Nora at Nineteen: Give patients the opportunity to say what they need even if you can't fix it.
15. Four Sticks: After each shift list one thing that happened to make you a better nurse.
16. Messiah, Not Otherwise Specified: Delusions are often shaped by one's culture.
17. All Alone and Afraid: Learn to immerse yourself in the parts of your patient that go beyond their bodies.
18. Individually Identifiable: Nurses hold the first funeral for every infant who dies.
19. Approaching Death: Move with the kind of calmness that infuses hope into impossible situations.
20: The Nurses Whispered: Hospice nurses are the dying's last true confidant.
21: Becoming: Sometimes nurses juggle swords. Other times torches.


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