{Happy Martin Luther King Day!}

Monday, January 21, 2019

Our 10th annual MLK lunch reminded us the importance of acknowledging the beauty of color.
To say we don’t “see color” is to say we don’t see the person. 
I see you black, white, and brown friends.
You are beautiful, you are whole, you are family.

PS - If you haven't seen The Butler, 12 Years As A Slave, or Selma we highly recommend them!
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{True Stories of Becoming A Nurse} Book Review

Saturday, January 05, 2019

This book drenched my cheeks in tears and made my belly sore from laughter.
A must read for every nursing or medical professional!
I wrote down my takeaways from each chapter below ...
Hoping they challenge and encourage you!

1.  Hitting the Bone: A nurses first injection is a rite of passage.
2. The Haunting: Not all injuries are visible.
3. Becoming A Nurse: Your patient's family members are also your patients.
4. Next of Kin: In nursing crossing professional boundaries is inevitable.
5. Healing Wang Jie's Bottom: The hospitalization of a child is one of the most stressful events a family can encounter.
6. Zeitgeber: Hospital walls are covered in tears and often tell a story that is unseen.
7. A Long Night's Journey Into Day: It is not impossible to experience a friendly intimacy with death.
8. Don't Ever Forget Me: Let everyone die with dignity. 
9. Heart Lessons: In time, joy always follows grief.
10. Docking in Togo: Self-pity always lives at the edge of uncomfortable situations.
11. I See You: Where there is no peace there is no health.
12. Listening: The simple act of listening is a lifesaving measure-- delight in your patients' stories.
13. Careening Toward Reunion: Every nurse use psych skills no matter their specialty.
14. Nurse Nora at Nineteen: Give patients the opportunity to say what they need even if you can't fix it.
15. Four Sticks: After each shift list one thing that happened to make you a better nurse.
16. Messiah, Not Otherwise Specified: Delusions are often shaped by one's culture.
17. All Alone and Afraid: Learn to immerse yourself in the parts of your patient that go beyond their bodies.
18. Individually Identifiable: Nurses hold the first funeral for every infant who dies.
19. Approaching Death: Move with the kind of calmness that infuses hope into impossible situations.
20: The Nurses Whispered: Hospice nurses are the dying's last true confidant.
21: Becoming: Sometimes nurses juggle swords. Other times torches.
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