Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Before moving to Louisville we lived in Dallas for twelve years and believed it would have been the perfect city if it were only in the mountains, right by the ocean with a downtown ballpark, four real seasons, and a trout stream as big as Cowboy Stadium. Two years ago our love for the outdoors and search for a slower pace of life led us to the Bluegrass State. We love it here. Tim is Physician Assistant and teaches me fun medical things most of which I do not pronounce correctly. I get to be a stay at home mama who survives mostly on ice cream and rocket fuel {aka coffee}.
Today's Letters" began on April 19, 2010 as a result of posting letters every day in my status updates on Facebook. After much encouragement from friends (and after picking up a few new ones along the way), I finally migrated all of my posts over to this blog (you can read them in the archives folder titled March 2010).

Thanks to Mr. Loerke for his daily inspiration and for every reader who leaves a comment. You awaken my creativity and make me laugh as much as the esposo!

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